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We work very closely with semiconductor houses and debugger companies to make sure that our devices are compatible with the latest products available.

Debugger Vendor
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Compatible Product
(product page)
Accelerated Technology EDGE Debugger
Allant (ARM) ASPEX Software Development Environment
Altium TASKING Embedded Development Environment
Atollic TrueSTUDIO
CodeSourcery Sourcery G++
DDC-I SCORE Compiler, Debugger
Green Hills Software Multi 2000 IDE
IAR Systems EWARM and C-SPY
Macraigor Systems LLC OCD Commander, Flash Programmer
Mentor Graphics EDGE Debugger
Metaware SeeCode
Metrowerks (Freescale) CodeWarrior for Embedded Processors
Microcross Microcross EDK
Microsoft Windows CE
OCDemon Windows | LINUX | SUN GNU Tools
Paradigm Systems Paradigm Integrated Debugger
Red Hat GNU Pro
Viosoft Arriba! Embedded Edition
Wind River SingleStep Debugging Solutions

Semiconductor House
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Compatible Products
(product page)
AMCC PowerPC 4xx Processors
AMD Athlon Processors, Alchemy Family
ARM ARM 7 Processors, Allant Debuggers
Atmel ARM 7 Processors
Cirrus Logic ARM 7 Processors (CS7212,7213,89712, etc.)
Freescale CPU32 | ColdFire | PowerPC | DSP Processors
IBM PowerPC 4xx Processors
Intel Xscale Microarchitecture
IDT RC32xxx Series
Intrinsity, Inc. FastMATH™ and FastMIPS™ Processors
Lexra LX4000 family
LSI Logic MIPs Processors, ZSP Processors
MIPS Technologies MIPS Processors
NEC VR 5xxx Series
NetLogic Micro (formally RMI) XLS / XLR Processors | Alchemy Processors
NetSilicon NET+ARM Processor
OKI Semiconductor ARM based MCUs
PLX IOP 480 Processor
Sharp Microelectronics ARM7/ARM9 MCU/SoC Devices
Tensilica Xtensa Processors
Toshiba TX49 Series
Transmeta Efficeon Processor
Triscend E5 Customizable Microcontroller
A7 Configurable System-on-Chip
Wintegra WinPath