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Tools, etc....

OCD Pinouts:

We strongly recommend using the target processor's manufacturer's specification. Copy what is on their evaluation board if you have one. We rely on the same information to design our pinouts.

THIS DOCUMENT may be used as a start.

Frequently Asked Questions:

To see a list of Frequently Asked Questions, click here.


If you think your software is NOT talking to our hardware, try one of these testers.
If you have a JTAG Raven (not BDM), download this.


The latest software drivers are always included in our OCD Commander Debugger. Once that application is installed, all the system drivers are updated and you can update your debugger with any of the new dlls installed.

Or, for a .zip of just the latest dll's, click here.

For the latest version of firmware for the mpDemon™, along with instruction on how to install it, click here.