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Macraigor Systems' Privacy Policy

Macraigor Systems respects your privacy. Any personal information offered by you will be treated according to this policy which covers all of Macraigor Systems' web sites.

Types and uses of personal information:

Your personal information is used as follows:

  1. User IDs and Passwords: These provide you with access to your profile area and to your shopping basket.
  2. Account Information: This information tells us more about you, how to contact you, and shipping and billing information.
  3. Customer Feedback and Support: This is a method for requesting information from Macraigor Systems. We also use this information to see how we can improve our products, services, and web site.
  4. Email Correspondence: These are used to highlight and respond to all types of issues and inquiries. We may also use email for distributing information about our products.
  5. Transactions: Shows which products you have requested.

There will be no change in the way we use your personal information without your prior consent.

Security issues:

We make every effort to protect the personal information you share. As an example, we do not store you credit card number in any way after it is processed. Access to your personal information is strictly limited to those people who need it to do their job.

Authorized third parties will receive a small sub-set of your information when needed. For example, if we are shipping a product to you, we must share your name, address, and items ordered with our shipper. Such information is limited and said third parties do not have access to any information other than what we share with them.

Linked web sites:

We have no control over web sites of third parties to which we supply links. You are strongly encouraged to look at their respective privacy polices.

Children's issues:

We do not knowingly collect any information, personal or otherwise, from children under the age of 15. If we discover any such information it will be deleted. We do not have any content on our web sites which is inappropriate for children.


Macraigor Systems makes limited use of "cookies." For instance, cookies are used by our electronic store to help make your shopping experience better and more efficient. In that case, it is a temporary cookie. We only read cookies that have been created by our web site.

Policy update:

All updates to this policy will be posted here. The last update was February 2004.

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