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Target Access DLL:

This DLL and set of 19 .EXEs give you access to the OCDemon run control functionality. This lets you create your own .BAT file, Delphi, Visual Basic or MSC++ 6.0 application for system test. The following functions are available via the MSDOS command line, .bat file, or TargetAccess.DLL method call: ResetAndRunTarget, DownloadImage, RunFromAddress, StopTarget, Read/WriteTargetMemory, Read/WriteRegister, RAM Test, GetRunStatus. This demo version gives you access to all functionality except WriteMemory,WriteRegister, and DownloadImage. The demo version will provide you with a COMPUTER ID which you MUST have when you purchase a license to use with a Raven or Wiggler. Licensing for use with usb2Sprite, usb2Demon, and mpDemon is done outside of Target Access.

The Target Access DLL is supported under Windows 98/ME, NT, 2000, 2003 and XP  operating systems. The softare may work with other operating systems and versions but has not been verified against such and is not guaranteed to work.

Linux is not supported.

To Order:

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Supported CPUS:


Arm7, Arm9





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